The Ultimate Bowl of Ramen

KIWAMI uses top quality ingredients to create the finest taste. Savour the umami of our tonkotsu broth, simmered over 10 hours using 100% Japanese pork bones. Our original-recipe noodles are crafted with Hokkaido wheat, and pairs perfectly with our broth to culminate in the ultimate bowl of ramen.

Quality Ingredients

Experience the exquisite flavours of Japan through our carefully selected menu that features top-notch ingredients such as A4/A5-grade Miyazaki wagyu (Japan’s No. 1 beef), Hokkaido seafood, and fresh eggs imported directly from Okinawa.

Our Menu

Locate Us

Guoco Tower | Ramen & Gyoza Bar
1 Wallich Street, Guoco Tower #B2-10
Singapore 078884
+65 6246 6630
Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm daily

Chinatown Point | Teppan . Ramen . Gyoza
133 New Bridge Road,  Chinatown Point #02-38
Singapore 059413
+65 6246 6630  

Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm daily